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Personal Experiences In The Field Of Computer Science

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Brought up in a competitive environment and a family that believes in a value system backed by
my curiosity towards computer technology, I was first introduced to Computers when my daily
experimentations on my neighbor’s PC influenced my parents who got me a computer. Cracking
puzzles, solving problems have always intrigued me and the fields involving logic and
application of the technology have always been my areas of interest. One of my cousins had
pursued a degree in Computers for undergraduate studies followed by a Master’s degree from a
reputed American University. The amount of the knowledge she had amassed in the whole
journey left me infatuated and that was the time I ...view middle of the document...

As a part of my
undergraduate studies, we worked on several projects which gave me platform for the
implementation of my skillsets in Computer Science. One area that fascinated me was Web
Based Bidding system. It was the first of its kind system which combined and sorted the work of
the user in one application itself. Being a company sponsored project we took greater care and
accuracy. It was a Web based tool for management for the customers using BFSI Services like
Loan, Insurance and Mutual Funds etc. worldwide. It made use of an algorithm that sorted the
Bids with respect to the application request of the user and sent the best five bids as a reply to the
client. This I made use of several latest technologies here, namely, Java SE, Java EE, JSP,
AJAX, with database in MySQL and so on. With the success in this venture, I was able to
maneuver few more; I believed that ‘It is better to try and fail, rather than fail to try’.

Soon after my undergraduate study, I was selected by a Premier software company Oracle
Financial Service Software Ltd. as an Associate Consultant. Gain knowledge and thorough
understanding of the concerned subject was my passion. My workforce opened up new vistas
and I began to realize my strengths, limitations and opportunities. Besides this, working in
professional environment for 2 years has taught me the importance of communication skills and
perseverance. Skills that I have...

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