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Submit a 1400-2100-word analysis that outlines your perspective on knowledge as acquired through exposure to stimuli outside of formal (work or educational) arenas. Analyze a sensory experience obtained from an organized activity (e.g. a visit to a museum, attendance at a play or concert, or participation in a sport) or an unstructured activity (e.g. the reading of a literary work or partaking in a nature activity). The analysis should be supported with references to course readings and other pertinent research sources. The paper should include a bibliography of sources and should be written and formatted in appropriate APA style.AbstractA considerable amount of knowledge management (KM) went into the process of accepting an invitation to a concert. The role of KM plays an important role in many facets of life including making a decision about a fun night out on the town with a friend. This paper explores how invoking explicit and tacit knowledge translates into an enjoyable evening at a concert. Attending the concert is a form of socialization and stimulus, which are ways to gain new knowledge. During this personal exploration of knowledge, various forms of knowledge acquisition will be employed. The world is full of all types of stimuli and attending a concert is an excellent way to acquire knowledge of the performing arts while enjoying the learning process.Personal Exploration of KnowledgeTo begin this exploration I felt compelled to find a scholarly definition of the word personal. I found Neidhardt (2002) from the Physics Department New Jersey Institute of Technology as enlightening. Neidhardt explains personal as:The concept of the personal is based upon commitment, defined as the responsible submission of the mind to the requirements of a reality independent of it. Commitment expresses a belief that enables a person to entrust himself to the claims of reality upon him. Commitment always refers the self away to what is independent of it; hence commitment is objectively, not subjectively, oriented (p. 1).Thus begins my personal exploration of knowledge.Invitation to a ConcertRhythm and Blues (R&B) is a gutsy music genre, so when Donnie extended an invitation to attend an Anthony Hamilton concert, I accepted. At first, I was hesitant because I was not familiar with the artist. The empirical knowledge thought process pervaded my mind before I accepted the invitation. Unfamiliar with his music, it was difficult to justify attending. Moser and vander Nat (2003) defines empiricism as "Empirical (a posteriori) knowledge which depends on its evidence or justification on sensory experience (p.1)." Since I did not have any experience with Hamilton's the music, the motivating factor was a nice cultural outing with a friend.Donnie, whom I consider a master of understanding R&B, informed me that Hamilton is an outstanding performer of Neo-Soul, which is a derivative of R&B. Since I am a Neo-Soul novice but generally fond of R&B,...

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