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Personal Goals I Will Realize Through the University of Phoenix"As long as a college education remains an enormous value in the job market and a person's life, the demand for it [a college education] is not going to decline," said Sandra Smith, University of California's assistant vice president for planning and analysis (Berkeleyan, 2000, p.1). She is right, too - the demand for and satisfaction of a college education goes much further than the next paycheck; my college education will fill three key roles in my life (and various other, smaller ones). I will enjoy the learning experience, energize my career, and enhance my lifestyle. These factors combine to provide a powerful motivator for me to make and keep my college both an experience and reality; in the following paragraphs I'll explore these motivators in-depth.For the first factor, enjoying the learning experience, I can say I will very much enjoy the overall learning experience. One of the best things colleges do (but do not advertise) is to bring together smart, motivated people in an environment where students can explore and stretch boundaries. My college education will contribute to my character development, enrich my life, and exercise my brain. As Anne Matthews has written in her book Bright College undergraduate education is not so much a pile of notebooks moldering in the bottom drawer, but learning to talk in front of a group, to read and to summarize, to reason on demand, to push yourself late at night. To live and work with people you might never speak to in ordinary life. To think against the grain. To manage time. To not be afraid or rejecting.She summed up the character development potential of college nicely! A college education also offers the contribution of overall life enrichment - that is, I can use my education and apply it to all areas of my life. For example, college education can enhance everything from day-to-day conversations with peers, time management skills for work/family situations and even basic problem-solving techniques that can be applied across the board. It is a daily brain exercise demanding ingenuity and thought regarding class work, team efforts, planning, and money management involved in educational development. Even at this initial phase of my undergraduate studies I find many reasons to delight in the experience; these benefits are there for a lifetime and can never be taken away. Mark Edmundson pointed out in a recent article, "A democracy needs to constantly develop, and to do so it [the democracy] requires the most powerful visionary minds to interpret the present and to propose possible shapes for the future." (Edmundson, 1997, p.49)My career path is enhanced and energized as a direct result of my undergraduate studies, another key benefit factor. I recently made the transition from an administrative assistant to an eBusiness coordinator. In today's job market (particularly the computer field in which I work), continuous...

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749 words - 3 pages My Personal Philosophy of Education Without education, society as we know it would cease to exist. Formal education is what has made our country and other industrialized nations great. Thus, as a future educator, I anticipate the opportunity to assist in the molding of future generations by imparting essential knowledge. The famous philosopher and educator, John Dewey, once said, "Education is the process of living through

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