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Personal Goals I Wish To Achieve.

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PersonalGoals 1Personal Goals I Wish to AchieveThe reason of why I decided to go back to school and obtain my Bachelors Degree has never been anything out of the ordinary. I decided in February of 2003 to return to school with three goals in mind; getting my degree, completing what I had attempted once before, and relishing in the self gratification associated with success. It seemed as though anything and everything was going to delay this endeavor. I went through two, yes two admissions counselors before I even stepped foot on campus. That is behind me now. Today I am ready to reach out and grasp the three major goals I have set out to achieve.I believe 99% percent of adult students return to school to fill a lasting void, a feeling of emptiness. I too have that feeling, not having a college education or a degree for that matter, is tough. In today's society, I see many working adults pursuing their degree to obtain security and self fulfillment. While others are looking for advancement in pay and position at their current or new job. Having a degree in society today impacts not only your social life but your love life as well. I am in firm belief that by investing in me now, it will pay dividends in the future. I feel as if I have not lived up to my potential. Friends and family equate a degree to the phrase, "He's got his priorities in order." To your significant other a degree is a sign of stature and stability. I want my friends and family to quit using the words "potential" and "your name" in the same sentence. I would like to provide a significant other with a sign of stability not vulnerability. Receiving a degree would, at the very least, instill the pride and confidence I need to succeed in my future accomplishments.My second goal associated with returning to school is exactly that. I am returning, it is an unfinished journey. At 24 years of age I feel I can no longer deny myself the knowledge and experience gained by finishing college. Self discipline has never been one of my strong points; however I have never had such a desire as I do...

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