Personal Growth And Development Plan For Global Competence

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Thanks largely to this class, my desire to be a more globally competent person has grown from a small seed to a mighty oak—looking to spread its roots and provide shelter to others I know that because I have been given plenty it’s my obligation to give to those who have been given less. I plan on increasing my global awareness and assisting others through a variety of activities throughout my life, many of which are in the very near future. For the purpose of this assignment, I chose to focus my timeline around events that are in the next five years.
My first goal is to work at the English Language Institute to teach English as a second language to international students through ...view middle of the document...

Most of my international plans are in developing countries, but experiencing how other developed countries live—even in just a short amount of time—would be beneficial to my development. Because of the close proximity of European countries, this would open my eyes to a variety of cultures in a short amount of time and give me a greater appreciation of Europe.
After graduating with my Bachelor of Science in agricultural education in the spring of 2016, I hope to jump immediately into the Masters of International Agriculture Program. Ideally, I would be able to do the study abroad portion of this program in the summer after my undergrad. During this experience, I plan to get a more detailed education in international affairs which is based not only on experiences but within the classroom. It would also open the door to a variety of other international experiences, which is why I am choosing to pursue it. In the future, I hope to work for either a NGO or USAID and having a Masters in International Agriculture will make me more valuable to future employers. I expect to complete this milestone in the spring of 2017, possibly extending into the summer session.
Using money saved from my job as well as donations, I would like to complete a “world race” after finishing my master’s program. The World Race program is an 11 month mission trip where participants visit 11 countries and serve the less fortunate. There are a variety of routes, some traveling from continent to continent while others are focused more regionally—specifically in Asia or South and Central America. While a trip around the globe sounds more exciting, I believe the “Spanish Route” gives a greater opportunity to serve because there’s less travel time and since there is a common language I would have a...

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