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Personal Guide To Axia College Essay

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Educational ResourcesThere are many resources to use at Axia College, including the University Library, downloading appendixes to an audio device, and the Center for Writing Excellence. The Center for Writing Excellence is the program I find myself using more than the others. This program is located under Tools and Tutorials and checks a paper for any grammar or punctuation mistakes. I find myself putting almost every assignment through this process, and have gotten an outstanding grade every time. The University Library is an easy way to research a topic, which has some helpful search options such as 'peer review' and 'language'. The language feature helps translate information to the right language. Downloading appendixes to an audio device may be helpful for students in a hurry or 'on the go'. For some students it may be easier to download the information into their cell phones and listen to it in the car. I, personally, would rather read the information; I believe it is easier to understand.Academic HonestyAcademic Honesty is a huge factor at Axia College, just like any other school. To use someone else's words to write a paper is called plagiarism. Plagiarism is not accepted at Axia College, it is illegal and offensive to the author. When the writer does not give the real writer credit then they are saying the article has their feelings and words. The writer could receive credit by inserting quotation marks on their words and the authors name after the quote. The author must always be known in the resources of a paper when using their information.Setting and Achieving GoalsGoals are important to have when attending college. Identifying them may be difficult but rewarding in the end. There are different types of goals such as career-oriented, academic, or personal. Prioritizing is helpful to know which goals should be achieved before the others. There are short-term and long-term goals. Short-term meaning the easier goals set that can be done in a rapidly manner. Long-term means the goals that are life changing and take more time. Long-term goals can be broken into short-term goals. For example, I have the goal of being a psychiatrist. The process is going to take around 6 years. I have broken down my long-term goal into many small goals such as:GOAL: Completing associates, bachelor's and master's DegreeGOAL: Dedicating all my extra time to my associates Degree (since that needs to be completed first)GOAL: Working hard to get good grades, participation and attendance in my two classesGOAL: Finishing COM 140 with a good gradeGOAL: Finishing GEN 105 with a good gradeBreaking down a long-term goal can make the process go a little smoother. When an individual takes one thing at a time, it seems to pay off in the end.Managing TimeGetting assignments turned in on time is important because every day an assignment is late, 10% is deducted from the grade. A few tips to manage time are managing a schedule, staying away from procrastination and having...

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