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Personal Hardship Essay

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In the fourth grade my parents had decided to move from O‘ahu to Hawai‘i. The transition and problems that arose from moving had caused not only myself difficulties, but my entire family. Moving meant selling our home in Waimanalo, a house that was legally under my father and his five siblings. According to my understanding, the house must be sold by all six siblings agreeing as well as my grandfather. Because my grandfather did not want to move out of the house he, and my father began a long fight that would wound the entire family for years. At the time, I was young and did not understand everything about moving. Decisions were made and my family chose sides in a fight that only recently was forgiven. Moving not only gave me difficulties in leaving my home, friends, and family behind but also the transition of moving.
My mom had recently gotten a new job that led to her flying to the continental United States for one month after our move, my parents had agreed that until all deals were settled he would live in our old home and continue his job. I had to continue going to school, and so was moved to the Big Island to live with my aunty. For around three to four months I did not have my mother or father around. Although this was difficult, it was not the most difficult part about moving. The most difficult part of the move was my father. He remained on O‘ahu, and still works and lives in our old home with family to this day. It has been ten years since moving, and my dad still must stay on O‘ahu. The house has been sold, and our close family bought it and allowed my father to live with them.
Before that my dad was alone, I knew he was sad and this was the most difficult part of moving. Not only was he away from his family, but he was living in a house by himself and dealing with a fight with his father. Many family members blamed my mom for the entire problem, her wanting to move to the Big Island was the beginning of a family feud. It was difficult for me...

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