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My Struggle With My Personal Health

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All of my life I have been overweight. I am currently 27 years old and for most of my adult life I have been trying to eat better and become more active. The amount of diseases that occur in my family startled me as I was filling out a questionnaire during my last doctor’s visit. My family history consists of alcoholism, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol and depression. Most of these conditions are preventable with the assistance of a healthy diet and exercise.
I am grateful to my access to healthcare. About 2 years ago I started going to a chiropractor and he introduced to me a whole new approach to becoming healthy. Every week I was getting my spine adjusted and he would teach me new stretches to keep my back strong. As I started taking care of my back, I started feeling better in general. I began to make better food choices and started walking more. In addition to back problems, I have other issues that tie to being overweight.
Being overweight has made me under active in my daily life. Because of my weight, I have back problems and I am unable to keep as active as I would like. My weight also inhibits my ability to walk as long and as fast as I would like to. I think the most inflicting thing my weight has done to myself, is the depression I developed. Being overweight my confidence is not as strong as I would like. This makes me feel unmotivated. These are all things that can affect me as I age.
As people age, there are primary aging changes that occur. These changes are called “primary changes” and include: wrinkles, grey hair and presbyopia (Abushakrah). Most people are going to go through these changes. In addition to these changes, there are “secondary changes” that include: cancer and heart disease (Abushakrah). I will be discussing the secondary changes that may affect my health if I do not make changes while I am younger.
Like my mother, I could develop heart disease. Heart disease is defined in our textbook as “the end result of a complex cascade of problems in the blood vessels, beginning with high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure, which progresses to atherosclerosis, then causes reduced blood flow to the heart muscle (Ferrini and Ferrini 98). For many years she took medications to treat her high blood pressure and cholesterol until one day she suffered a heart attack. If I do not make changes now in my own health, I may end up going down the same path. I do not need to take medications now, but if I do not see weight loss or start to exercise, I can be prescribed medications later in life.
If I develop heart disease, a factor to lead to it would be high cholesterol. As described in our book, high cholesterol is the over stored fat in the blood stream (Ferrini and Ferrini 103). I had my blood checked recently and my levels were normal except my LDL, which is the “bad” cholesterol (Ferrini and Ferrini 103). If I do not get a control of my cholesterol levels, I can see...

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