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James Carroll opens up his book reflecting upon what takes place in the chapel at Bolling Air Force Base on Saturday, February 23, 1969, His first mass as a priest. The book itself is a personal reflection of his life, his goals, and how his father interacted and opposed his views of the Vietnam War, and life in general.Caroll, himself grew up the son of a general. He was given special attention where ever he was because, as he found out, Rank, (his Father's) does have its own power. He would spend his time going from the Pentagon in the US, to Going with his father to Germany, and visiting his Father's OWN personal train. "High school kids were forbidden from admission to the Eagle Club...That was less a problem for me than a further condition of my joy in the place." "I learned early in Wiesbaden that such rules did not apply to the General's son" (Carroll, 65)Joseph F. Carroll, James father was a unique Man. He had quit the seminary just before his ordination as a priest at age 24, right before he was to take his vow of celibacy and then to be ordained, he refused. After this he went to night school and worked in the shipyards. He graduated and then went on to become a lawyer. Later on he would become an FBI agent, working on such things as counter Intel against the Germans and the Japanese. After working for the FBI, in 1947 when the Air Force was created, The Secretary of the AF asked J. Edgar Hoover for help to create an Air Force Investigative Unit. Hoover sent Carroll to create the Air Force Office of Special investigation, or OSI. So at age 37, Joseph Carroll, was commission as a Brigadier General, at the age of 37, making him the Youngest General in the US. He would later become chief of staff of the Air Force in Europe, and then Work for the DIA choosing targets in bombing runs during operation linebacker during Vietnam. " Symington (SECAF) approached Hoover for the loan of an FBI expert in investigations and counterintelligence to devise a structure for an Air Force Security agency…He assigned to Symington a man he described quite simply , this is my mother speaking, as his very best" ( Carroll 40)The reason that James's family wanted him to go into the priesthood was that since his father was an Irish Catholic, and at the very last minute decline to take his vow of celibacy or to get ordained, he was seen as a spoiled priest, and this was to be looked down upon in the Irish eyes, epically in Chicago at the time. James needed to make up for his families' name since his father had done wrong but not ending up as a priest.The Kennedy years were seen as something that needed to happen. Here was a young Irish catholic president from Boston, the 1st president to be Roman Catholic. This was seen as a great thing, since the president could bring change and hope to Catholics and the world everywhere. James Carroll became involved in the civil rights movement after viewing documents that Labeled martin Luther King Jr as a degenerate....

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