Social Interaction And The Impact It Has On Young Children

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Socialization takes a large toll in the way that children perceive themselves when they are younger and affects them as they grow up. How do a lack of social agents whether it is parents or peers can affect the way that the children view themselves as they age? Then by having third parties come in and fill in for the lacks of social agents can it better the children’s view of themselves and help them become more open. In other words how do charities such as Big Brothers Big Sisters help the way in which a child develops when in the past they have had a lack of social agents around them to learn from.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a charitable organization that I have been involved with for four years. “[They] believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential” (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, 2011). This mission statement shows their true dedication to allowing children to not be held back by their lack of socialization at a younger age and to be able to find who they are and make a difference in the world. I decided to pick this experience in particular because of the huge impact that it had on my life. Although we met only once a week it was an experience I will forever remember. I had one mentee in particular that showed such great advances in the year that we spent together. This little was in grade 5 at the time and was very shy; having being raised by one parent he had a lack of parental figures in his life. From such a young age he had a hard time trusting people because those around him always seemed just to leave. By me being their week after week he began to realize that I was not going anywhere fast. Although at first it took a long time to get through to him he eventually opened up. I could see him changing right in front of my eyes; the progress that he made was outstanding. By simply allowing him to trust me and socialize with people that he usually wouldn’t he became a new person. He was at a very venerable time in his life, Big Brothers Big Sisters gave him the socialization that he had lacked at a young age this helped him become the outgoing kid that he became. After I had stopped working with him because of his age I saw him around a year later, he had joined the soccer team and become more open with his friends. It proved to me that what I was doing was having an effect on the children that I worked with, the small act of socialization helped the child open up to the new possibilities and become more willing to try new things. I selected this experience because I believe that Big Brothers Big Sisters does an amazing job of socialization and filling in for social agents that have been missing in the children’s life.

Charity organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters relate to the larger sociological issue of socialization quite directly. It is due to improper socialization at a young age that the children are involved in the program. Socialization can directly affect the...

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