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Personal Leadership Challenges Essay

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Leadership is a simple word that easy to say but in reality difficult to apply it. The fact as we can always found, there is still problems about leadership in either military or governmental and civilian. Those who are not able to distinguish between commander and boss will encounter many problems in their leadership. The complexity challenges that they face right now are higher rather than the old times, and the challenges in the future will become more complex. Eventually, if a leader cannot perform his/her leadership by right, it will give bad effect to the members, culture and organization.
This paper will attempt to illustrate my perspective about personal leadership challenges in the future appointment. First, I will begin with the Ah-Ha moment based on my experience during service in military. Secondly, I will describe key aspects of the leadership context on my next appointment. Thirdly, I will describe key leadership requirements. Fourthly, I will identify my strengths and weaknesses and how to deal with the gaps for the next appointment. Finally, I will summarize this paper with conclusion.
Ah-Ha Moment
The one significant Ah-Ha moment that came to me was my experience in several different units and appointments in the Army. When I try connecting the leadership materials from LIC modules to my past experience, the Ah-Ha moment can answer the question about how come a Special Forces unit which led by an unskilled and incompetence commander still could perform at its best. At that time, the commander has lack of skill and competencies; he showed this in his daily activities especially when he handled problems. Seems that when he encounter the challenges in the unit, his decision was visionless and he applied rewards and punishment to induce his members’ behavior in order to achieve the goal. The unit member clearly has discomforts of feeling and uneasiness with his leadership. Even though the unit led by incompetent leader, amazingly all of the task or operation given to this unit has accomplished without any serious remark and there were no negative judgment from HQ during his period of leadership.
I finally found the answer to my Ah-Ha moment during the lectures of Leadership in Context on Command and Staff Course. From the story above we can make a summary that an unskilled and incompetent commander or leader could not change the organizational culture in his short time of leading the unit. I realized that this condition happen because the unit still have strong and healthy organizational culture and also supported by good officer at low and medium level of organizational. The officer performed a good leadership and have full controlled on their subordinates to overcome the problem caused by their commander. When the commander led with uncertain direction and decision, they understood the situation and managed themselves to control and command the subordinate to achieve the goal. Based on this story, I can say that they...

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