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As a person who is for the most part uncomfortable with change, it is important that I find ways be a leader in a world that is ever changing. In order to be the best and most prepared leader as possible, it is necessary to be aware of one’s core identity and the values, talents, and strengths that are included in this. Consistent with the indications of Vaill’s term, “permanent white water”, the tendency of the world to change is unavoidable and “continual”. We as leaders must find ways to adapt and acclimate ourselves to these situations. Through the discovery of my core values, talents, leadership style, I will be able to develop an action plan to transform my talents into strengths and use leadership techniques to best accommodate my ambitions.
Although I have many core values, including diligence, happiness, helpfulness, true friendship, freedom, and intelligence, the most significant in my life are love, morality, honesty, and forgivingness. Throughout my life, these particular values have proved key to becoming the person I wished to be. “The term leadership involves our self-images and moral codes” (Values in Leadership). In order to lead and to be someone who upholds their values, one must be fully aware of what is important to them and what drives them.
Throughout high school, my values played a key part in the examples I set and the actions of the people I was around. For instance, one of my best friends wanted to steal a small item from a store in which we were shopping. I informed her that I simply would not allow her to so something like that while I was with her. I could not control her actions when I was not there, but I would alert someone if she decided to follow through on her plot. In this instance, by asserting my values, I also became more aware of how passionate I was about the ideals of honesty and morality. Through imposing my ethics on a friend, it increased my credibility as a leader and as someone who follows through by enforcing my beliefs. I wasn’t leading an entire community or organization in this instance, but it was a great leap in recognizing a value that was important to me and upholding it.
A couple years previously, this very same friend was in an accident with one of our classmates. My friend was the passenger and the sole survivor of the terrible ordeal. Neither of them had driver’s licenses and they had taken my best friend’s mother’s car. Because it was her mother’s car, or because of other mysterious reasons, everyone blamed my friend for our classmate’s death. This time aroused another opportunity to both display and discover my core values. Love played an important role in this—I was her only friend during this time, and my support was important to helping her recover. I talked to others in our class, trying to get them to forgive her for her mistake, as well as realize the blame was not hers. Again, I was able to grow through this event by supporting my values of forgiveness and love. Admittedly,...

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