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Personal Leadership Style Essay

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Leadership is the glue that binds any business together, identifying and understanding your type of leadership style can ultimately aid you in becoming a better leader in your professional career. A successful business cannot function without leadership therefore this is a crucial aspect of internal employee development for businesses striving to stay relevant in a crowded marketplace. In addition to recognizing your leadership style every leader needs to look to them and identify what type of personality they have. By becoming an informed business leader you will gain trust and respect of your team to guide them into the future and maximizing potential growth. Throughout this paper I ...view middle of the document...

The first dichotomy is extraverted, which refers to the act or state of being energized by the world outside the self (Myers). This means that an extraverted person enjoys socializing and tends to be more enthusiastic, strait forward, vocal and animated. These attributes sometimes are received as strong willed and overpowering. Extraverts find teamwork more rewarding than spending that time alone. The second dichotomy in my personality type is intuition, which means that you can identify patterns behind the information that is being presented. Intuition people are more focused on the big picture, understanding how the present situation can affect the future. My third personality trait is thinking, which refers to how someone make decisions. Thinking people are objective and base their decision on hard logic and facts (Myers). This type of personality will weigh the pros and cons of a situation to ensure they are making the correct decision that is rational and fair. The last personality trait of an ENTJ is judging. Judging refers to how you portray yourself to others. This type of personality seeks closure to problems knowing that the conclusion is more important. Other attributes of judging personalities are that they planned out there course of action which gives a sense of control and predictability.
Becoming a successful leader in today workforce will be heavily dependent upon your type of leadership style. Your actions will have an effect on what type of manager you will become. After reading through all the different types of leadership styles I have identified that my personality type is a participative leader. Meaning that as a leader I focus on the input from the team rather than making all of the decisions solely. In today’s competitive landscape I believe that the participative leadership style is crucial to developing a business for the future. This type of leadership offers employees more than just the opportunity to make money but gives them an active role in determining the future of the company. Participation may yield a sense of closeness and belonging in a group that is mobilized behind objectives in the best interest of the organization (Bass). Participative leadership means that you look at the team performance rather than the individuals specifically. This leadership style is consistent and strong in the business world. Another benefit from this type of leadership’s style is that it melds positives from multiple types of leadership style. A participative leader must maintain a position of authority even through you will need to empower team members some decision making power. In order for a participative leader to become effective will have to sometime take the role of an authoritative leave. Participative leaders accept input from one or more group members when making decisions and solving problems, but the leader retains the final say when choices are made (Rothwell). Participative leadership...

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