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Before this semester stared, I had no idea what environmental justice was. I have come a long way since then and I have learned a lot. I have learned a lot more than I will be able to talk about in this essay. For this reason I have narrowed it down to three important topics that I find interesting and I feel I have learned the most about. Three things I have learned and will take with me after this course are Environmental racism, mountaintop removal, and ecological imperialism.
One thing I have learned and I will take with me after this class is environmental racism. Environmental racism is to put a minority group or any group at a disadvantage, to treat them less that or as if they are not equal to you. These people are not given the same standards as people in different neighborhoods. These people are forced to put up with having to live in conditions that are not as safe or hazard free but they have no choice because they don’t have as much power as the people putting ...view middle of the document...

Not only is it wasteful and takes away many jobs it also releases other things, from the mountain, into our environment. They are destroying our beautiful earth and this is definitely something that will stick with me through life. Mountaintop removal is one thing that I have learned a lot about and will take with me after class.
The third thing that I have learned and will take with me after class is ecological imperialism. Ecological Imperialism is the idea that the European settlers were successful in colonization efforts were because of their introduction to the plants, animals, and diseases. This was devastating to the native people to the lands. The diseases and sicknesses that the Europeans brought with them were worse for the native people than any weapon. These diseases killed a lot of people and there was nothing that the native people could have done to stop it. I thought that this was very interesting and also very sad for those native people. Ecological Imperialism is another thing that I have learned a lot and I will be taking with me after this class is over.
These three different topics are things that I had never heard of before. Before this class I knew nothing about these topics and I had never even heard of them. I had never heard of the catastrophic events that ecological imperialism brought. I had never been introduced to mountaintop removal and how hazardous and devastating it can be to the land and the people around that land. Environmental racism is something that is very sad for the people affected by it and I guess I knew stuff like that happened but I never knew it had a name and I didn’t know as much about it as I do now.
I think that this environmental justice class was a great class to take, because like I said before I never even know what environmental justice was before this class. This was a very educational class and informed me about a lot of issues that affect me and the people around me directly and indirectly. I have learned so much during this class and I will be taking a lot of topics, ideas, and information from this class. I have learned many more than three topics during this class but three that really struck me and I feel that I have learned the most about are environmental racism, mountaintop removal, and ecological imperialism.

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