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     Who would have ever thought taking a college course would require one to learn how to learn? It is a good concept we normally undergo at a very young age. At the pre-school age one will find children learning their strength and weakness through their playtime. As adults we almost forget we have to learn how to learn to continue growth in our workplace, school, and in life. In our second week of online classes I learned strengths and weakness in my learning style with the aid of learning assessments, personality spectrums, and time management logs. In this paper, I intend to describe the various components of my learning style and outline a plan to improve my time management and study skills.
     A big component of my learning style is hands-on experience; learning while doing. This usually involved someone with more experience instructing me as I performed the task. Through the hands-on approach, I picked-up the knowledge and gained proficiency as I went along. My learning style also involved standard classroom instruction, which usually meant listening to lectures and taking notes. My note taking was not the best so in order to make up for what I lacked in note taking, I would read the textbooks repeatedly until I understood what I was reading. I learned that in order for me to get a complete understanding from my readings and notes, there had to be a lot great deal of repetition through study. I started to get creative using repetition as a way of learning, and found myself take notes and typing them into a word document; with the hope that the material would sink in. Sometimes retyping my notes worked and sometimes it was just a waste of time I could have used doing other things.
     Managing my time has been something that I have been able to do throughout my time in the military. Making the best use of my time by analyzing my use of time is what I am learning from our experience with our time-management logs. After reviewing my time management logs I saw clearly I needed to spend more time on school at home where I can have an...

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