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Personal Marketing Plan Personal Swot Analysis

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IntroductionUpon completion of my undergraduate degree in Aviation Management, I will pursue a career with a major airline. Not only will I realize a life long dream but also it will be a personal accomplishment in an academic road that was often complicated. Ideals may change, values do not and some things just take a little more time to achieve.Situation Analysis*Significant Life EventsEmbry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona solidified my passion for a career in aviation. Ivy League it isn't but it can be classified as the Harvard of the Skies for all practical purposes. That letter of acceptance provided me the validation I needed and the assurance that those with aviation expertise thought I "had what it took". For the next three years I lived with people that shared the same aviation zest and passion that I do, the drive to succeed, to be the best that you can but learned that your attitude is what will get you places and skills can always be learned.When I was in middle school I underwent surgery for a "suspicious tumor" that had developed on my arm. Although day surgery provided me an opportunity to miss school for the day and a few days of sympathy from my family it wasn't until my follow up visit with the surgeon that I realized the seriousness of the situation. When Dr. Coletta asked me if I had any concerns now that he had removed the "mass" I expressed my disappointment with the scar he'd left. Politely he answered that I at least had an arm toOsborn 2be scarred because he truly felt that the mass was malignant and amputation was a consideration preoperatively. How inconsequential a scar was when faced with the loss of a limb. What is that saying about not sweating the small stuff?I was born on August 15, 1978 and my grandfather died August 15, 1975. Although this happened 3 years before my birth it was an event that has held significance for me none the less. "VaVoo" was an immigrant and working class who labored 12 hour days in road construction so his children could have a better life. Though uneducated he believed in a college education, doing the best you could for anyone that employed you and strong values. I have cherished his qualities my entire life.*AccomplishmentsEarning a varsity letter for high school track taught me the value of team work and tolerance. Certainly there was personal accomplishment in my individual achievements but I opened myself up to a whole new range of rewards that I had never given much credence to before. It gave me a new outlook on the value of how much more we could accomplish as a group and the true recognition was in our school's accomplishments and not Kevin Osborn's.On Friday, November 13, 1998 I attained my private pilot's certificate, another of life's milestones. Every day at Embry Riddle I worked harder to advance my goal no matter how small it was. I had set my expectations high and with perseverance and hard work I realized personal success.I received the Presidential...

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