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Social Media Has Changed Marketing Forever

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Social media is an effective media of communication between the consumers and companies. The companies are using social media for improving consumer engagement and brand lift. This essay gives a brief overview of social media platforms and how effective they have been. It shows that the whole marketing concept has undergone radical transformation due to the social media interaction. The essay ends in conclusion depicting what marketers need to take care in order to have successful social media campaign.

Social Media today is present everywhere and Brand pages on sites like Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter have gotten popular around the world. Concept of marketing has changed with the customer engagement on these platforms. Usually, brands keep on enhancing relationships and communicating actively with consumers using activities such as reward programs and direct promotions. In this marketing, customers have been passive “receivers” of brand messages and various other activities and therefore companies as such had no hold over the brand development. Today, consumers engage and involve in creation of brand posts/comments (Hennig-Thurau, et al., 2010), Kozinets, et al., 2010, Libai, et al., 2010). Every successful company has a brand page on at least one of Facebook, YouTube or twitter. Luxury brands like Armani, Burberry or Dolce & Gabbana, Armani or Burberry are investing more in social media (Phan, 2011). Nevertheless some of the marketing managers don’t approve of social media and are questioning the sensibility of putting effort into these promotions especially marketers doubt the use of mass media platform for the promotion of exclusive luxury brands (Okonkwo, 2009, Geerts, & Veg-Sala, 2011). We have shown that social media is a huge business opportunity.
A Facebook like can go a long way. 70% of consumers who are connected to social media buy the brands they are associated to Social Vibe found. When any consumer likes a Facebook page, monitors a brand via Twitter or relates with a brand's existence on various social media networks like YouTube, Google+ or Twitter, a connection forms between the brand and the customer (Hennig-Thurau, et al., 2010). 19% of customers buy "often," and twenty nine percent of the customers buy “sometimes” due to their bonding with the brand. “There is a definite correlation between a customer liking a brand online and consumer's possibility to buy that brand," according to Social Vibe CMO John Capano. "People often follow brands on social media sites not because they find them adorable but because they want to acquire something," pointed Lieb. All Likes may not be equal (Libai, et al., 2010).
A Facebook like or any other connection on a social media doesn't indicate an inclination to buy. Some consumers have feelings towards a brand even though they have no intentions of buying it. That definitely doesn't mean that the Like has no meaning. Lieb of the Altimeter says "It's important to not think of...

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