Social Media Sites Impacting Children And Teens

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Target Population
The target population are children from the ages 6-12 yrs and teenagers 13-18 yrs. To be eligible the participants must impose the interest of social media. Both male and females are wanted to participate in the research.

My inquiry had various limitations. The quantity of participants would have been more evenly distributed across gender and year in school. Limits also depended on parental guidance and/or permission in allowing kids to take part in the survey. The survey’s represented different academic levels. A larger sample with more diversity would have benefitted the results. I sense a bigger depth of data may have been obtained by conducting focus groups, comprised of participants. For example, the focus of discussions would include parental influence, peer, influence, and self-awareness. A focus group would permit myself to carry a group interview of participants to measure their attitudes towards social media. I agree that my methodology could have also included more surveys or interviews involving the participants.

Social media can greatly affect anyone, no matter the age. With the research provided there is an accurate assumption that social media can have a negative and positive effect on the youthful. Schools have allowed kids to do homework with electronic devices even though some teachers agree that social media has a heavy impact on students. Social media can be a positive outlet for those who practice it correctly and can increase many skills. There are many positives and negatives when using technology that parental guidance is required. Even though, social media is supposed to be primarily the instrument for a connection and communication with others, parents need to be more aware of their children’s daily social media activities. Teens are learning to serve a big measure of their communication on-line rather in person. Social media has made it easier to be vicious to one another and pretend to be someone you’re not. Kids text all sorts of personal matters that they would never say to anyone’s look. Young adult females are socialized through social media to compare themselves and build up their identity. Boys compete for attention and just like girls compare themselves. Social media have presented people more chances to be negative and cause self-esteem problems. Parents can set a broad lesson of what healthy computer usage looks like. Limiting the amount of time passed on computers strengthens the parent-child bond. The best route for helping children build healthy self-esteem is to get them involved in something that they’re interested in.

Literature Review
Subrahmanyam, K., Greenfield, P., Kraut, R., & Gross, E. (). The Impact of computer use on children's and adolescent development. Applied Developmental Psychology, 22, 7-30.
An electronic device, such as video games, home computers, and the internet has struck an important place in children and...

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