Personal Narrative: Death In A Dream

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Dream a Little Dream

My grandmother always said, “you cannot choose between life or death while

sleeping”. When you are sleeping, your body practically doesn’t belong to you. Its

almost as though you have no control over anything that might happen to you in your

dreams, especially if it is something dangerous. When I ask people why this happens,

they theorize that a powerful force or being has entrapped your body. You could end up

dying in your dreams, thus leading to your death or illness in reality. It’s possible for

someone to suffer a heart attack from what they dreamt, depending on how frightening

the situation was. I’ve heard of people going to bed one night and, the next morning,

waking up not remembering who they are or actually becoming insane. It is with these

mysterious beliefs that one becomes afraid to dream anymore.

I had never actually experienced a life and death situation while sleeping, at least

not until recently. It was in early November of 2001, if I remember correctly, on a

Thursday night, when I was just closing my eyes to enjoy a nice peaceful sleep. I could

feel myself floating almost like someone was taking me from my room. I couldn’t feel

anything, since I was literally out cold. Suddenly, I was awake with my eyes closed and

my body unmoved. I tried to open my eyes, but they could not open, I tried to move my

body, but I would not stir. My efforts were futile; I eventually tried harder and this time I

was awake. I went to sleep and it happened again. I felt myself being literally chained to

my bed or, better stated, buried in a rich mixture of concrete. All my bones, veins, limbs

and the rest of my body parts were frozen. I couldn’t believe the fact that I wasn’t

capable of moving, almost as though I was paralyzed. I started to wonder if I was in a

coma or if I had one of those major diseases, such as strokes, which could not be cured.

This would be a terrible way to grow up not being able to live a normal life. Think of the

laughs that I would miss all because I couldn’t move. I would be frozen in time watching

everyone around me doing things I once did. It suddenly struck me that what if I wasn’t

ill, what if someone or something had taken control of me.

I was now between life and death, which I had once feared, would determine my

future. Now I was afraid, afraid that I would die in my sleep. I had lost control over my

entire body all because some strange being had taken it away from me. I could actually

picture him going from body to body, sucking all the nutrients...

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