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Personal Narrative Describing An Experience With Spiders Ull English Essay

513 words - 3 pages

The? ?Vile? ?Beast
Stepping? ?out? ?into? ?the? ?blazing? ?heat,? ?I? ?sluggishly? ?drag? ?my? ?feet? ?across? ?the? ?parking? ?lot
towards? ?my? ?car? ?as? ?I? ?weave? ?through? ?the? ?maze? ?of? ?eager? ?parents? ?trying? ?to? ?pick? ?up? ?their? ?children.? ?It
had? ?been? ?a? ?long? ?and? ?tiring? ?day? ?at? ?summer? ?camp;? ?the? ?campers? ?loved? ?to? ?smear? ?the? ?gooey? ?paint? ?all
over? ?the? ?tables? ?while? ?creating? ?their? ?finger-painted? ?monsters.? ??I? ?can?t? ?wait? ?to? ?go? ?home? ?to? ?eat? ?my
favorite? ?chocolate? ?chip? ?cookies? ?and? ?take? ?the? ?longest? ?nap? ?of? ?my? ?life.? ??I? ?feel? ?the? ?heat? ?rush? ?out? ?of? ?my
car? ?as? ?I? ?pull? ?open? ?the? ?heavy? ?door? ?to? ?my? ?silver? ?Volvo.? ?Then,? ?I? ?spot? ?it.? ?The? ?paralyzing,? ?eight-legged
creature? ?is? ?dangling? ?from? ?its? ?spindly? ?web? ?in? ?my? ?passenger? ?seat.
A? ?startled? ?squeal? ?slips? ?out? ?of? ?me? ?as? ?I? ?jump? ?back? ?away? ?from? ?the? ?car? ?at? ?the? ?speed? ?of? ?light.
Panic? ?fills? ?my? ?thoughts? ?as? ?I? ?try? ?to? ?figure? ?out? ?how? ?to? ?get? ?rid? ?of? ?the? ?spider? ?that? ?is? ?trying? ?to? ?kill? ?me.? ?I
quickly? ?dial? ?my? ?dad?s? ?phone? ?number? ?because? ?he? ?is? ?the? ?one? ?who? ?usually? ?slays? ?these? ?beasts? ?for? ?me.
Panic? ?consumes? ?me? ?as? ?I? ?hear? ?the? ?answering? ?machine? ?play? ?my? ?dad?s? ?voice? ?over? ?the? ?phone.? ??Of
course? ?he? ?does? ?not? ?answer? ?when? ?I? ?am? ?being? ?attacked? ?by? ?a? ?deadly? ?spider.? ?Alright,? ?I? ?can? ?do? ?this.? ?I
just? ?need? ?to? ?kill? ?it? ?before? ?it? ?kills? ?me.? ??I? ?open? ?the? ?backdoor? ?of? ?my? ?car? ?and? ?? ?choose? ?an? ?ragged,? ?faded
white? ?towel? ?as? ?my? ?murder? ?weapon.? ?I? ?gather? ?up? ?all? ?of? ?the? ?confidence? ?that? ?has?...

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