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Personal Narrative Growing Up In A Bakery Community

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Have you ever been woken up by the smell of cookies? Imagine how wonderful it is when you are wished “good morning” by the smell of the warmness and happiness coming from the fresh baked cookies inside the oven. For me, it was one of the most meaningful thing that I had ever experienced: I was born in a family which hold a bakery business at home. The bakery is called “Sun Flower” and is fifteen years older than me. To me, it is very interesting to share with other people that I grew up in the bakery community which trained me how to bake, taught me about the value of work and working spirit as well as brought my family closer together.
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As my measurement skill was improved, I finally had a chance to bake my first cake. Because of a bet at school, I had to bake a cake by myself for my friend’s birthday. The procedure was ran smoothly until I realized that I had no idea how to bake a cake. The time that I assisted my aunt gave me little knowledge of baking processes. I tried to do what I remember from my aunt. When I heard my aunt asked me “What are you doing? I smell the burning in the kitchen”, I knew that my first time was a failure. My aunt came to me said “don’t worry dear, I will teach you how to bake a cake step by step.” I followed her instruction carefully and meticulously and thought that it would be the best cake that I had ever made. My heart was filled with joy while I imaged how happy my friend would be when she received the cake. I really placed my heart and my feeling when I baked the cake, thus it was no longer my lost from the bet. I baked the cake hoping that it would be a meaningful birthday present for my friend. I felt even happier when I bite the first bit of my cake: it was much more delicious than I expected. I suddenly thought of my aunt and my mom when they were working hard on baking the goods. Besides financial purpose, these cookies became the true value of working when they brought happiness to the one who ate them and the baker as well. The sweat of my family members and all the hard working during the process of making a cake were worthy as long as we could bring the best product to our customers. This was the goal of my community – Sun Flower bakery.
Being a member of the community of Sun Flower taught me the value of work as well as the working spirit. A Bakery system was similar to the human body. In order for the body to function properly, all the organs needed to run smoothly their own job together. It went the same for my community. In order to produce qualified products, each member was placed in a different position working collaboratively toward a same goal: make fresh and delicious cookie batches. Everything had to be accurate from the very first step measuring, blending, shaping, baking, to the very last step, packing. To get to the point where each member of the bakery could do his or her part quickly and perfectly, it required patience and daily practice. For instance, the mixing part was usually just putting the ingredients into the mixer; however, there were still times that the ingredients needed to be mixed by hand. This often makes you feel that you are rowing a boat....

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