Personal Narrative High School And Church Youth Group

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Personal Narrative- High School and Church Youth Group

The most distinguishing and memorable moment of my life was entering high school for the first time. I feel that the event of starting high school was the starting point of what kind of person I was going to become. Not only did I start going to a new kind of school, but I started attending the high school youth group at my church. I also had the privilege to start working on my first car. Without this experience, I feel that I would not be where I am right now. This memorable moment started with my transition to the high school youth group at church.

Moving up to the high school group at my church was exciting yet frightening. Fortunately, I was welcomed with great joy and fellowship. I got involved in the activities very quickly. I made many friends, which gave me an incentive to actually go to church. I went on two mission trips before starting school. This helped me to see God work through me and through my youth group. Within our youth group, we had a youth choir called Deliverance. Because of my involvement in that group, I learned many leadership skills that proved me useful for God’s glory in my youth group. The ultimate benefit that I got from my youth group was the positive influence it had on my spiritual life. This helped me greatly as I entered my first year in a public high school.

Starting a higher form of education at a public high school was a tough experience, but it was necessary for me to be put in that situation. I had many friends growing up that I went to school with. Some of these friends probably weren’t the best influences in my...

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