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Personal Narrative Making Positive Changes Essay

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Personal Narrative- Making Positive Changes

I have positive attributes and weaknesses as everyone else does. However, since I came from Peru to America, I experienced many changes in my personality from a shy girl to an independent, outgoing and friendly teenager. My strongest personal attributes are generosity, my spirit of collaboration and my perseverance to achieve any goals and overcome obstacles in my life. For example, when I was in Peru I used to go to a hospital to help children with disabilities. I used to visit them very often. I played with them so that they could forget for a while about their sickness. At the time I could make them happy and they enjoyed a nice moment getting to know me. By helping them, I felt a great satisfaction with myself.

Not everyone is perfect in life. Everyone has weaknesses. One of mine is that I take everything too seriously and that makes me get irritated easily. It’s not that I’m angry all the time, it’s just I don’t joke around that much. I think I’m not very tolerant and I’m working my best to overcome it. On the other hand, people can know when I am happy because I have a big smile on my face and that shows them that I had a really good day.

People might say that I am not that talkative. When I was in school I wasn’t the kind of girl who goes and talks to everyone, unless I knew the person. I always had to wait for someone to start a conversation with me. That’s why in some way it was hard for me to make friends as a child, because of my shyness.

When my parents decided to come here, it was...

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