Personal Narrative Music And I

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Music and I

Ever since I was a small child, I have loved music. The strong, steady beats, the
entrancing melodies, and the lyrics that vary between heart-warming and heart-wrenching
have always had an unexplainable affect on my life. Music seems to have the ability to
change certain aspects of my world. If I am in a foul mood, an angry girl band can make
my rotten attitude even more irresistibly awful. When I am happy, any sort of upbeat,
dance-to-me kind of music enhances my joy that much more. I love to study to classical
music, daydream to classical music, even sleep to classical music. Through my teen
years, I became a fan of the often melodramatic country music that is still preset on my
radio today. No matter what kind of music it is, when I turn it on, my mood morphs
easily into whatever kind of music I am listening to.

Music has absolutely been an enormous part of my life and who I am. However,
this is not to say that I have much musical talent. I did perform in the choir in elementary school, and I played the flute for four years through middle school, but one day I came to a simple decision. When it comes to music, I am a much better enjoyer of it than a producer of it. When I am alone in the car, my sing-along-to-whatever-is-on-the-radio voice is fab-u-lous. However, as soon as any else climbs into the car with me my talent suddenly dwindles. My larynx doesn’t seem to appreciate an audience when it is trying to perform. Thus, my musical enjoyment stems directly from listening.

My love for music has existed for as long as I can remember. When I was a child,
my mom and I had a special song that she would sing to me if I was sick, sad, or
sometimes just as a treat before bed. To this day, “You are My Sunshine” has the power
to make me teary-eyed. Because it is not a song that is often played on the radio, I hardly ever hear it anymore. However, whenever someone is whistling it as they walk by or I hear it on a movie (who doesn’t love Beaches?), my heart soars and a smile creeps across my face as my eyes begin to swell. The song simply has the ability to bring back a
million happy memories from my childhood within its first few notes.

When my older sister got married, I wanted to do something special to remind her
of our childhood and to take her mind off of the wedding stress as we were getting ready
the day of the wedding. I thought back to all of the songs we loved when we were little,
many of which were sung by the infamous one-hit-wonders of the eighties. I think each
generation has songs that are popular to them and that they will never forget the lyrics to.

However, if you mentioned the artists that sang them or the names of other songs they
sang, no one would have a clue what you were saying. Still, the songs are precious to the
people that grew up with them. When my sister and I listened to the CD I made for her in
the limousine on the way to the ceremony, we were both brought right back to the...

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