Personal Narrative My Mother, The Hippie

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My Mother, the Hippie

My mother is a "hippie" in every sense of the word. Therefore, as a young child, I spent a lot of time in the Great Outdoors. There were even some years in which we traveled around living on commune farms. I remember the huge gardens where you could always find my mom, and where I earned my nickname "Beans". I recall the cats and goats that were always roaming around, and I remember falling asleep in rooms stacked to the ceiling with bunkbeds, where all of the kids on the farm slept.

So what in the world does this have to do with a reflection of the first day of class? Simply put, it reaffirms the old adage that we become exactly like our parents. When I reached my adolescent years, I hated being outside and going camping with no water or electricity for days--for fun. But now that I am an adult, I find myself becoming exactly like my mother. I enjoy a life of simplicity, and I love being outside--whatever form that may take--be it work or taking a class such as this. Therefore, my single most vivid reflection of this entire first day of class is that fact that I wish my mother was here with me. She would absolutely adore the information being learned, and the contact with nature that occurs (i.e., mucking around and seeing alligators in the wild). As my mother lives in Alaska, she has only been to Miami to visit me once since I moved here, and unfortunately it was within the first few months that I lived here, so I was unable to adequately provide her with answers to her inquiries of the local plant and animal life. But now, even after only one day of class, I feel the need to call my mom and tell her all about the plants and animals I saw, and which are native to Florida and which are exotic species. Furthermore, I am excited to call my grandparents, who still live in Wisconsin, and explain to them the wild edible berries that I ate (cocoa plums) and tell them how much I thought they tasted like wild Wisconsin blueberries.

However, I am also drawn to reflect on the grandest part of the afternoon--the illustrious airboat ride, equipped with illustrious tour guide. I am almost ashamed to admit that...

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