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Personal Narrative Of Acting In A Play

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It was a normal Sunday morning, the weather was good and church had
just finished. We were all having coffee and then it struck me. There
were lots of people in the hall, and they were all being given
a booklet. I wandered over there with a few friends to try and see
what they were doing. Then I saw it. The front cover of the booklet
they had. It had a weird name. At first I didn't understand. Why was
it called Stanmore Scenes? I knew we were in Stanmore but I didn't
realize why you would call something Stanmore Scenes. Even so it
wasn't until later that I would understand more about it.

That evening my mum had a phone call from her sister. This helped me
to find out what she and the others had been doing earlier that day.
When I found out I was extremely confused. I didn't think my Aunty
could act! I didn't even think it was possible for the church I went
to, to put on a play about its life. It was mad. How could they put
150 years of history into a couple of hours? Was it possible to do?
Anyway none of my friends were in it so why would I want to be in it,
it was mad. So my friend Sarah and I decided we would leave them to

After that Sarah and I soon forgot about Stanmore Scenes. All until
one day a few weeks later at school. We were all told about this play
being put on at St. John's church. We were also told that our school,
St. John's C of E middle school would be singing at it. That week
there were auditions, to check we could sing, in order to join the
choir that would be singing in Stanmore Scenes. All my friends had
gone through the audition to join the choir for the carol service,
however I didn't like singing so hadn't joined the choir with them.
When it was the new auditions I didn't want to go as I was on my own.

"Go on Charlotte," they all said, "it doesn't matter if you don't

This really knocked my confidence as I don't like singing on my own.

"I can't, I can't," I said desperately, "I can't sing on my own."

So as I couldn't bring myself to join the choir my friends took part
without me!

Around came Sunday again and I had the shock of my life. After church
my Aunty came up to me.

"Charlotte," she said excitedly, "do you want to be part of Stanmore

I was gob smacked! Why would she ask me? Anyway I accepted the offer.
I went into the hall with her and everyone stopped talking. We sat
down. Then Janet started to address everyone.

"Today we will go through the play and make sure everyone knows their
part," Janet calmly told us.

So I was given a script and we went through the play. I was given a
part. It was when the local boys went off to war and their families
were left behind. There were about six families and mine was two
parents a brother and me. When the men were brought back by nurses all

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