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Personal Narrative Soccer State Championship Essay

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Personal Narrative- Soccer State Championship

On February 28, 2005, I experienced one of the most exciting events that anyone could ever experience – winning a State Championship. The day my soccer team made history is a day I’ll never forget. However it is not just that day we won the title, but the whole experience of the preceding season that got us there. From start to finish, my team’s 2004-2005 season taught me that the platitude is true. You can do anything you set your mind to.

From before day one, all our minds were set. This was the year to win a State Championship. I can’t exactly explain it, but right from the start I knew we were going to do it. I was never so sure about anything in my life and I never doubted it once. Yet it was a silent confidence, which I kept to myself. Though each of us was confident about winning state, we had much to work through before we made it there.

The first few weeks of practice were full of bad attitudes and laziness. As a sophomore, I, along with the other underclassman, kept my mouth shut and put effort into practices. It was the upper classmen who had problems – especially with one another. Despite these issues, the season began and everyone’s individual talent brought about victory.

As Christmas break approached, the team faced what was going to be our biggest challenge of all. Due to his new job, our coach now took the title of “assistant” and we were given a new head coach. The coaches were, and are, good friends, but have totally different coaching styles. The first was laid back and carefree with a great sense of humor, which made him well liked by everyone he coached. The new coach had a reputation for being arrogant, strict, and having a no-tolerance policy when it comes to joking around. Because of this...

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