Personal Narrative Travel Writing Essay

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Personal Narrative - Travel Writing

I took a final look around my room to make sure I hadn't forgotten

Feeling depressed, yet eager to go home, I walked out of the room
lugging my suitcase behind me, as I carefully closed the door.

I entered the elevator sorrowfully. I pressed the button to go to the
lobby where I would be able to check out and hand back the key. The
door opened and I stepped outside, still dragging my immensely heavy

I strolled to the reception desk and gave the receptionist the key
with the number '319' accurately engraved on the gold key chain.

"Have a safe trip home", he said with a warm pleasant smile on his

"Thank you", I replied politely, and walked off.

I liked that receptionist. He was incredibly welcoming and hospitable.

I saw a few fellow students walking towards the hotel's exit. I ran
rapidly in order to catch up with them. We stepped outside together.
The cold wind stinging us sharply. My hands were freezing and I
guessed my nails were blue too. I couldn't see them through the purple
nail polish I applied the other night. The bus journey was,
thankfully, not bumpy, because Holland is flat.

We arrived at the airport.

The only thing on my mind was 'Oh no! Not another airplane!'

We were twenty-six students and three teachers. The truth is, we
looked like a mob attacking the airport! All twenty-nine of us were
pulling suitcases and carrying backpacks.

I thought the check-in was going to be a nightmare but it wasn't as
bad as I expected it to be. The queue seemed to flow by. Like fish in
a river.

Finally, my turn came. The worker at the desk looked at my passport
and a 'cheesy' grin spread across his face. Then he said in a pathetic
tone, "I've been to Egypt before."

"Really?" I replied. "Did you like it?"

"No! It is the most discouraging country I've ever been to! I wouldn't
recommend it to anyone!"

'How nice!' I thought sarcastically! Obviously he hadn't noticed the
queue was all people going to Egypt! His Excellency interrupted my
thoughts when he said, "How come you speak English then?"

"It's because I go to a British school."

"They have schools in Egypt?! That's certainly a surprise!"

I was lucky to leave that desk and to never see that guy again!

By that time, I was extremely hungry. I missed breakfast that morning
because I had to pack. Once, I spent four hours packing! You know us
girls; packing takes us a long, long time!

I went to Burger King with three friends. We walked a long way then I
realized I wasn't hungry anymore! A friend of mine smacked me on my
back because she was wearing heels and her feet hurt a lot from
walking so much!

On our way to Burger King, we passed a police office, which didn't
bring back a lot of nice memories. On our way...

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