Social Networking Devices And Programs: Affecting People

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Social networking devices and programs are used at every time of the day,for everything from sending friends school notes to posting a picture of your food at chipotle. As social networking devices grows so will the various ways people can use it therefore people will use it more often.In Nielsen's annual Social Media report the United States spent 121 billion minutes on social media sites in July 2012 alone, that's 388 minutes or 6 ½ hours per person (1). Thats a quarter of the day spent “socializing”. Social networking devices and programs being a major part of life could affect people in a negative way or positive. It could affect us psychologically either causing issues or possibly helping and the people that use it aren’t only teens using social devices and programs many adults and young children use social networking devices also.
The negative effects social networking devices and programs could have on a person aren’t just isolation and no real life experience it more than that. Its lack of critical thinking, lack of effort, and the way social devices and programs are depicted is as if its the most important need to have thing in the world. The commercials and ads present social devices and programs as things that every person needs to have, therefore mentally setting up a person to having to meet this standard and if you dont then they are beneath everyone who has the new social device. The news is no longer about us but about the big new computational product that is greater than us” (Vaidyanathan, 45) . The way we think of stories,or world problems are not in full depth, we just look at the news hear a huge story think about it for a few seconds and then forget about it because it doesn’t affect our lives. This causes lack of critical thinking we let the news tell us what's going on and the opinion they give is the opinion we choose because we don’t try to think for ourselves. On youtube or facebook or any social device or program anyone can become a sensation whether it be a sad story or disturbing fighting video even if its fake, therefore anyone can effortlessly become a big hit, the social devices and programs also surround the world of the celebrity’s. Being the best singer or the city drunk would replace the headline of a bomb that killed thousands of innocent people, and even if wasn't switched people wouldn't think twice on the topic. why? The reason is because they can’t think for themselves, they have better things to think about like what filter works with this picture. Concluding social networking devices and programs could make someone a person who conforms to everythings they hear, a person who gets popular with no effort making them feel like they don’t have work hard, and can lower the self esteem of others that don't have the new social networking device or program.
Social networking devices and programs aren’t just filled with negative disadvantages it also has many positive effects like a easy way of...

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