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Personal Opinion Essay: Abortion And The Roe V. Wade Decision

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Siani Leung



9 January 2013

What if someone killed a mere baby, a person who hasn’t had a chance to truly live? What if a stranger, a complete outsider who is just flexing their “power muscles” decided to make pregnancies illegal? In these extenuating circumstances the Government oversteps their boundaries by determining whether or not a medical operation can occur. In the case of Roe v. Wade, these boundaries were overstepped, but it needs to be determined, whether or not to keep the ruling that allows abortions. The Roe v. Wade decision should be upheld because abortion saves women’s lives, it would violate women’s lives to outlaw abortion, and it also decreases the amount of dangerous “back alley” abortions.

Throughout history, abortion has been justified in the US. In the 1800s, abortion was justified in situations where the mother’s life was threatened (“Abortion”). Abortion groups have been formed.; for example,The Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion, which founded by Rev. Howard Moody in New York City to help find safe abortions and abortion facilities for women when abortions were outlawed. The Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion is now known as The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice(RCRC). RCRC had 1,400 members within its first year of operation across the nation (Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice).

There has also been a significant amount of controversy over a case that is known as Roe v Wade, which was when the right to attain birth control was tested in 1965 as well as 1972 setting the stage for abortion because the Supreme Court decided that abortion should be allowed to be carried out by means of Privacy. The abortion case of Roe v. Wade was pleed by an attorney who had an illegal abortion while she was a college student. The case was of a 21-year-old, Norma McCorvey,who was pregnant with her third child. She challenged the anti abortion laws of Texas and won for the same reason as the birth control case. McCorvey went by the alias of Jane Roe. This case paved the path for millions of women who seek abortions (Abortion: Overview).

The ruling for Roe v. Wade determined that the laws can have restrictions on the second trimester due to health risks. In Doe v. Bolton, another case similar to Roe v. Wade, The Supreme Court prohibited laws that made abortions nearly impossible for anyone who is either poor, or a foreigner. The Roe v. Wade case was decided in favor of abortion because a fetus is not considered a person in the court of law, but it is not specified when a fetus becomes a person, which is a basis for many pro-life v. pro- choice supporters (Abortion). The US Supreme Court's decision to allow abortions within the first 3 months due to the privacy of women has sparked controversy between pro-lifers and pro-choice supporters.

The location of the abortion determines the amount of maternal deaths. Each day there are about 55,000 unsafe abortions....

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