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A few hours passed and it was approaching 12:00: game time. As I was getting my equipment on, all the possible things that could go wrong flashed threw my head. As I finish putting on my pads and other equipment, I heard a voice from behind me, "Just stay focused man, and play like you have been.” It was RJ, trying to help me focus and give me motivation. Walking into that dark tunnel with the light at the end is like an exhilarating wave of nerves and excitement. Approaching the end of the tunnel, all I could hear was the crowd screaming and yelling. From there on, as we ran onto the field, another person took over, and I didn't know the outcome of what was about to happen.
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Young, restless, and arrogant as I was at the time, I followed him behind the stadium only to see hundreds of apparel, shoes, footballs, and helmets in boxes.
"What is this stuff man?” I asked him. He pulled out a sharpie and said, "Get to work". I knew exactly what he wanted. And I followed through, singing perfectly every ball, shirt, jersey, cleat, and helmet he had. After finishing the illegal act the NCAA had put on players in 2003 called the “Bylaw”, stating that “According to NCAA rules, student-athletes are prohibited from accepting "extra benefits" from sports recruiters or other sports-interested parties, such as financial gifts (like cash or co-signing on a loan), clothes, and electronics (like computers and television sets). According to NCAA rules, student-athletes are prohibited from accepting "extra benefits" from sports recruiters or other sports-interested parties, such as financial gifts (like cash or co-signing on a loan), clothes, and electronics (like computers and television sets).” (Student Life). He handed me an envelope full of hundred dollar bills. $25,000 in total was the amount he paid me for that crime.
I did this illegal act probably for the next two or three games, then the NCAA caught on and the legal matter stepped in. Hiring lawyers, going to court, and giving up all the extravagant things I bought my self and my friends. That was my life for the next two months.
In court I had to defend my self and what my lawyer said was "This kid doesn't make a cent at all during college, He works non stop 24/7 being a college athlete and doesn't get paid at all. According Tyson Hartnett, writer for the Huffington Post, said that, “Being an athlete is a full-time job. On a typical day, a player will wake up before classes, get a lift or conditioning session in, go to class until 3 or 4 p.m., go to practice, go to mandatory study hall, and then finish homework or study for a test.” (Tyson Hartnett). At the end of all of this, I got suspended the whole next season. My hope for being a starting QB in the NFL disappeared.
Even though college athletes receive scholarships that pay for school priorities, the NCAA should pay these athletes because of the income, popularity, and attention they bring to their school. Many people from all over the United States agree with this statement, and create research to back up their claims.
Scholarships, offered by every college over the U.S. compensate students by paying for their education, while in return they maintain a certain standard. “Indeed, athletes must pass at least 12 hours each semester with a minimum 2.0 GPA [grade point average] simply to remain eligible.” (Rob Jenkins). These scholarships pay for the basic necessities for a student “restricting them to tuition and fees, room and board, and required books.” (Warren Zola). These allow students to make it through their four years without worrying about basic things. College athletes receive the same benefits from a scholarship...

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