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Personal Opinion Essay: Dogs Vs. Cats

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There are many reasons to get a pet. You could choose to get a pet for a companion, or simply to add to your family. Many older folk choose to get a pet after they retire or lose their spouse so they do not feel lonely. Many young couples choose to get a pet before they opt to have children, and many families add a pet to their home for their children. The question is though, what type of pet to get? Do you get a cat, or a dog? Having a dog as a pet over a cat is much more enjoyable and beneficial to your life, specifically because of their behavior, convenience, and loyalty.
A dogs behavior is significantly more desirable than a cats. A dog is loving and friendly most of the time and ...view middle of the document...

A dog is leaps more sociable of an animal than a cat and they are essentially built in security wherever you take them. From sitting on your front porch, to jogging down a trail with your pooch, they are the ultimate protection as their bark scares off anything from raccoons to a threat of a potentially dangerous human. Or, more importantly, a dog can be your eyes if you are blind. Have you ever seen a “seeing eye cat?” Also, if your house catches fire, a dog is far more likely to wake you up and try to get you out, while a cat worries about escaping and protecting itself. Dogs are built in many shapes and sizes, therefore you can always choose one that fits your needs. Dogs need their room depending on their size. Dogs are very beneficial in helping you attain staying healthy. A dog is the perfect companion to that morning jog, or midnight walk to look at the stars, or you could even take him shopping with you for his food at the local pet store. A dog will play fetch on a nice day, and will bring you back your Frisbee if your throw was out of whack. Most importantly, a dog sleeps when you sleep, unlike a cat who will walk across your face at three in the morning.
The most enjoyable part of owning a dog over a cat is their loyalty. A dogs loyalty is like no other animal. A dog will come...

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