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Personal Opinion Essay: Money Is The Key To Happiness

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Many people argue that money is not the key to happiness. However, have you ever seen a sad person riding a Ferrari? Or have you ever seen a man crying because he is too rich? In fact, I have no doubt that you've seen a man crying, because he is too poor. Money brings a lot of things to our lives. Money gives us what we want, gives the possibility toward a better future, and brings love and friendship as well. Therefore money is the ultimate key to happiness.
According to ‘The hunger project’, the percentage of the world’s hungry has exceeded 15 percent. Happiness rarely appears among this 15 percent, yet happiness much more prevail among the ones who can provide food, house, and cloth for themselves. Like so, money brings the happiness to people by providing what they need and what they want. True happiness is created when basic requirement of living is met. People can never be happy, if they are suffering from poverty. Money is an attractive bait to hook the happiness. If your bait is attractive enough, many fish will be hooked. However, if money is scarce, a fish called happiness will never be caught. Money also can fulfill the desire of human. People become happy when they gain what they desperately want. However, unfulfilled desire is a poison that makes humans to feel low-spirited. Accomplishment leads us to the happiness. When a man buys a Ferrari that he wants so desperately, he will feel as if he won the whole world. On the contrary, when the man can never buy the Ferrari, he will think he is the unhappiest man in the world. Therefore money is the key to the happiness.
Moreover, money not only makes you happy with providing what you need and want, but also leads you to have a happier life. Undoubtedly, there are much more people who are happy among the ones who have a quality of life. Referring to what I mentioned in the previous stanza, money enables many things to our life and make our life more desirable. Therefore money is necessary for humanity to maintain quality life. Money widens the path to reach successful future. For example, a person who wants to be a doctor has to invest his money to enroll in medical college....

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