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Personal Opinion Essay Regarding Abortion

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The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy is called an abortion. Abortions are a widely debated subject throughout the world. In the United States, abortions are legal due to the Roe v. Wade law. Some would argue that abortions are ethnically and morally wrong, while others assert it is simply a woman’s choice. There are a number of legitimate reasons why a woman would choose to abort her unborn; financial status, age and health are just a few. With today’s technology and a certified doctor, this procedure is harmless to both the mother and her fetus. Abortions are viewed by many as dangerous and immoral acts of humanity against an unborn fetus. But in reality, abortions terminate a ...view middle of the document...

The size of the household also plays a huge role in the financial stability for the inhabitants. Depending on how many other children are in the house, bringing another child in the house could cause a large amount of financial stress for the family. A household that only has one parent bringing home a paycheck is going to have a tighter budget than those who have two. In comparison, the cost of an abortion is far less than the outrageous price of a child.
In the United States, around 32% of pregnant women admit to being too young and irresponsible and that is what led them to the decision of an abortion ( In the case of teen abortions, the time and effort that can be put into a child at that age is incredibly limited. A teenager is not expected to have a car, house, and a job because they aren’t at the age where they can handle that amount of responsibility. They’re only responsibility at a young age is to attend school and get an education while enjoying they’re childhood. It would be considered as a child having a child. Children are an investment that you need to put time and love into. They live and learn from their parent’s actions. So when a teen is at school for 8 hours, and working after that to support the child, how much time do they have available to give the child the proper love and attention it needs? A father plays a huge role in a young kid’s life, which is why it affects the kid when “eight of ten teen fathers do not marry the mothers of their first children. These absent fathers pay less than $800 annually for child support, often, because they are quite poor themselves” ( This shows that neither a young mother nor father is prepared to handle the overwhelming responsibility of a child. Teaching your child life lessons is another huge responsibility of a parent, but if you have not experienced enough life lessons themselves due to age, then how are they supposed to teach their children? An abortion for a young and irresponsible adult is the most responsible choice a teen could make. Another contributing factor to the beneficial reasons behind an abortion is the possibility that the child has possible health problems pre, or post natal. If there was a possibility that the child could be born with a possibly life threatening disease or disorder, is it fair to the child to have to suffer the consequences from it their entire lives? With this being said, “92% of women whose tests show that they are carrying babies with Down syndrome abort” ( If the mother has HIV or AIDS the probability of passing it onto her offspring in dramatically increased if she was to continue the pregnancy. A child suffering either of these horrific diseases will be facing a lifetime of obstacles and hardships that they were not able to choose for themselves. Transmitting any disease that could potentially harm the offspring is a risk no mother should take for their child.
A pregnancy...

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