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Today we live in a global world. Even the local supermarket does business globally. Learning how to effectively communicate with folks that live half way across the world is a key factor in successful business. As the workforce learns new ways to survive in this global market, many are choosing to return to school to pursue higher education. Working adults that wish to return to school will find that the University of Phoenix takes learning to a completely new level. Balancing work, school, and home responsibilities is manageable with the tools that the university provides. Using rEsource, Learning Teams, and Problem-Based Learning the University of Phoenix is the gateway to higher education for working adults.The Value of rEsourcerEsource takes the place of textbooks and is on the cutting edge of technology. rEsource is an electronic gateway that provides easy access to a variety of learning materials to enhance the learning environment of each student (University of Phoenix website). It is an economical way to obtain current, relevant, information pertinent to our current course. Through rEsource, students can access the online library, course text, simulations, tutorials, as well as many links to valuable information. With 24 hours technical support help is only a phone call away. rEsource allows the student to study from the comfort of one's own home. Gone are the days of long library visits and lengthy research. Now students can meet online or at the local Starbucks. Anywhere an Internet connection is accessible rEsource material is available.The Value of Learning TeamsEffective collaboration is one of the University's fundamental learning goals. Learning to work effectively in teams, as both a team member and leader, is a critical organizational competency that University of Phoenix works to develop across the curriculum in all academic programs (University of Phoenix, 2004). Through learning teams, students learn how to work together drawing from each person's unique talents. The collaborative effort of each team member improves the overall quality of the project. The skills that team members develop are immediately transferable to their organization. Conflict resolution, project planning, and decision-making are just a few of the skills adult learners will sharpen while attending the University of Phoenix. Learning to work with a culturally diverse team includes benefits such as increased innovation, diverse ideas, broader...

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