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I presently work as a critical care registry float pool nurse in four adult intensive care units and in the emergency department at Lutheran Hospital. I have been taking care of critically ill adult patients for 11 years. While I do have several goals as a nurse practitioner, one very loosely defined goal is to continue to care for adult patients in a primary care or specialty care office. I specifically see myself providing care and advocacy to the most vulnerable and needy in my local community of Huntington through free health clinic services.
A person is a unique creation of God, equal in worth and potential to any other person, and loved by God without prejudice. Each person has a purpose: individual abilities, qualities and opportunities used to positively impact society around him. The role of family is to create and cultivate a healthy, positive environment for the individual person to grow, mature and develop fully (physically, psychologically and spiritually) in order to fulfill his unique purpose in society. Each person is a product of his family; the family is a product of its community. The role of the community is to provide support and resources to the family in order that the family may in turn fulfill its role toward in the healthy development of the individual person. The relationship between the person, family, community and society is dynamic; each influencing the other.
Health is a continually changing state held by a person, family or community and can be physiological, psychological, or spiritual in nature. Wellness, or good health, culminates from a healthy environment and the minimization of those factors which negatively influence the physiological, psychological or spiritual components of a person. Illness occurs when these negatively influencing factors interrupt the function of a person, family or community. When function is interrupted, illness occurs and the person’s (or family’s or community’s) unique purpose is unfulfilled and society is affected by not receiving this benefit.
Environment refers to the physical, psychological or sociocultural forces surrounding a person. The environment in which a person develops can positively or negative influence a person.
Nursing means to bring about wellness. Nursing is implemented through personal caring, communication and advocacy. Nursing’s purpose is to assist the person, family and community as each strives to achieve a state of wellness. It is through a state of wellness that a person is most able to fulfill his purpose, and society benefits. Nursing’s ultimate goal is to positively impact society as a whole by interacting personally with the individual.
In order to be an effective nurse who helps bring about wellness in the individual, the nurse must be competent in her profession. Competence is accomplished beginning with a strong knowledge base of a baccalaureate degree in nursing, and through a commitment of continuous learning while in the...

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