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Although many stipulations and expectations of the nursing profession are predetermined through regulatory authorities and organizations, there is a deeper meaning to this profession and the care that it provides. For decades, nursing theorists have had an impact on the care that this profession delivers; however, it is also important for every practicing nurse to explore themselves and their personal thoughts and feelings on the profession they have chosen. As a nurse, I have been able to search myself and determine what nursing means to me and apply it in my daily interactions with my coworkers, patients, families, and the community in which I serve. The nursing metaparadigm serves as a framework on discovering and exploring these thoughts and values as it introduces four concepts: nursing, health, person, and environment. Nursing care is a delicate and integral balance of various components within these concepts. Nurses provide care to others during some of the most difficult times of life. Because of this, it is imperative to understand the meaning and application of these concepts and be able to apply that knowledge to the care we provide as a profession. As a nurse, it is important to realize that the care we provide is an extension of what we learn from textbooks; nursing care encompasses an understanding and acceptance of others as well as a continual willingness to help and improve society.
Nursing encompasses the compassionate, holistic, and virtuous care that nurses deliver to patients, families, and communities in order to assist with achieving optimal health and wellness or attaining comfort and acceptance. Compassionate care encompasses the empathy and drive to help others that the nursing profession possesses. Holistic care is aimed at caring for the person as a whole being and not just as a diagnosis or illness. Virtuous care describes the finest merit that care can achieve on any given level. Nursing is a process where every single thought, action, and reaction contributes to the overall situation and goal. The optimal goal of nursing is assisting those who are cared for in achieving the best possible outcome for their situation; for some this means wellness, yet for others this means comfort and acceptance. Nursing is both a science and an art; the care nurses deliver is scientifically based but artfully provided.
Nursing is caring for oneself and others through kind and honest actions. Having empathy for others and building relationships are crucial to the nursing profession, not only in the care which nurses provide to patients but also in the care they provide to each other. Although the usual recipient of nursing care is the patient, caring for self, co-workers, families, and communities are also equally important. Nurses are trusted with the most precious thing that exists, a person’s life, and because of this it is important to act respectfully and ethically in all interactions with others. Nursing care...

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