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Volleyball E GuideName: Ayman SurtySchool Name: The International School KarachiWord Count:3500Year: 2013-2014 MYP 4AcknowledgementsI'd like to thank my supervisor for guiding me throughout this lengthy journey and for guiding me. I'd also like to thank my sister for recording me perform the volleyball technique's which I later incorporated into my presentation in order to make it more interactive to the audience. I'd like to thank both my sisters for helping me make the poster due to how I could not have done it without them.Id also like to thank my peers for showing me there process journal due to how In my old IB school wed upload our comments on managebac so I was clueless as to what a process journal was due to how not all IB schools have process journals.Table of ContentsThe Goal page 1Selection of Sources page 3Application of Information page 4Achieving the Goal page 5Reflection on Learning page 6-7Appendix 1 page 8Appendix 2 page 9Appendix 3 page 10Bibliography page 11References page 12The GoalMy goal was to create a volleyball e guide for beginners in order to enlighten my peers on this amazing sport! My e guide needs to be visually appealing and interactive in order to spark the interest of my audience thus intriguing them towards the sport and eventually leading to them playing it.My topic of interest was volleyball due to how its been one of my favorite sports since I was little and I firmly believe a lot of people in Pakistan would enjoy it although not many are aware of it so when I realized this I grasped the opportunity in front of me to enlighten my peers on this beneficial sport which is very amusing and a great past time.My AOI link was health and social education due to how I am enlightening my audience on something that will be beneficial to their health in the long run and I am introducing them to a sport that I am quite passionate about and interested in and I am exploring a sport which happens to have countless benefits to ones health.Another AOI I've chosen for this project would be human ingenuity due to how I'm focusing on the process that consequently led to my product and the development of my idea as well as humans trigger change. Human ingenuity enables you to reflect on yourself as a person as well as you're peers. HI impacts the way we think, create and interact, it triggers a thought process behind every move we make. HI enables us to make logical decisions and enables us to look at brighter side of things and find a solution for you're problems based on that. HI has influenced our thought process from the beginning of time; whether it's positive or negative. HI is all about the process which consequently leads to you're final product which I firmly believe is the whole point of the personal project due to how it emphasizes an importance on the process as opposed to the end product.I firmly believe that Human Ingenuity will link unequivocally with my project because the steps I'm taking to achieve my goal are...

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Personal project Essay

782 words - 4 pages Petra which is called the “Rose-Red city” is one of the most famous UNESCO world heritage site. Perta is known as the rose-red city because the city is half built and half carved into rock and the colours of the sandstone cliffs change constantly. The colours vary such as dusky pink, yellow, green, orange, red and dark brown depending on the time of the day and light. Petra is located between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea in Jordan and the city is

Personal project Essay

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Personal project

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644 words - 3 pages . Within this project, there were different stakeholders that had an influence on the entire project. However, each group had personal objectives and needs coupled with group responsibilities as a MINNESOTA HEALTHMATCH: IT PROJECT FAILURE 3 functioning stakeholder. The three major stakeholders included in this project were, the customer, system integrator, and software vendors

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2175 words - 9 pages should be given to the project manager’s personal qualities, interpersonal and other skills involved in managing the projects and to his understanding of the strategic direction of the organization (Minarro-Viseras et al, 2005). Similarly, Rauniar et al (2008) found that the Product Manager can also have a positive impact on the project performance in cross-functional teams. Critical Success Factors: Critical success factors are the key areas

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Personal Project Essay

2512 words - 11 pages My purpose in doing this project was to better my community; while, I learning about the foundation of my community and hopefully inspire others to want to do the same. In donating books to the otorhinolaryngology department, otherwise known as the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist at the Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters (CHKD), many of my personal goals would have been fulfilled. For example, one of my goals was to learn about the

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