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Teenage Stress and Happiness
MYP Personal Project 2014-2015
February 9, 2015
Word Count: 3488
Table of Contents
Introduction 3
What is Personal Project? 3
Investigating 4
Goal and global context 4
Prior learning and relevant subject-specific knowledge 6
Research skills 7
Planning 8
Product criteria 8
Development process 9
Self-management skills 9
Taking Action 10
Product creation 10
Thinking skills 12
Communication and social skills 12
Reflecting 5
Evaluate the quality of the product 13
Extension of knowledge 14
Development as an IB learner 15
Appendix A 17
Journal entries
Appendix B 30
The topic my partner and I have decided on for our Personal Project is teenage stress and the pursuit of happiness. Our goal is to educate teenagers and even adults on the difficulties and hindrances teenagers go through in their day-to-day lives that many are not aware of.
The topic of our personal project is very diverse. It is very relatable and covers issues that we’ve heard from others or even suffered ourselves. It was during a regular school day that we decided on our under-rated topic. It was during a time when my partner and I were in the midst of one of the most hectic weeks of the year. We had over 6 summative assessments to study for as well as other work to finish. Without a doubt, I am a person who buries myself in my studies and works hard in order to live a successful, happy and comfortable life. But, in order to be “happy”, many teenagers including myself find difficulty in balancing as well as controlling the levels of stress that we are under. Hence, we wanted to spread awareness on the stress teenager’s face, involving a variety of issues, such as stress from school to stress from religion or even one’s self-image.
What is the Personal Project?
The International Baccalaureate view the personal project as “a significant piece of work that is the product of the student's own initiative and creativity” (“Middle Years Programme Curriculum”). Personally, I see it as an opportunity for us, to almost “find ourselves”. Personal project gives students around the world the creative opportunity to dive into their interest and make a product reflecting a piece of them as a result. It is a showcase of the PYP and the MYP identity you have made for yourself. However, in my experience the personal project is the biggest commitment we’ve made to date. It is self-driven and requires time management as well as organization. I can easily conclude the amount of contacts a person has or how helpful a supervisor is, at the end it doesn’t matter. The success in this last chapter of the MYP solely is dependent on my self-determination fueled by the interest I have in the project.
It is clear that the Personal Project holds great value and is an essential process in a 10th Grade student’s academic career. This is due to the fact that it encourages...

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