Personal Project Report

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Welcome to a written report of my personal project. The subjects the report refers to are listed below:
- My Topic
- The Product I created
- My Area Of Interaction
- The Resources
- Techniques
- Challenges I faced
- Reflection
For my personal project I chose to make a booklet, with all my poems in it. Since I love writing poetry I thought it would be interesting to make a book of it. The book is entitled “Expressing Yourself through Poetry”. Poems can be funny, scary, silly or sad so I decided to write inspirational poems and something that anyone of any age can relate to I’ve decided to write a mixture of sad, happy and inspiring poems. Poems are a great way to escape from reality and ...view middle of the document...

I also helped them to rhyme their poems. I think my little lesson turned out pretty fun and useful for the little kids.
From the moment I started writing my poems I had two useful techniques in my mind which are Rhyming Poems and Free Verse. A lot of people like rhyming poems and rhymes can be really fun they are especially good for funny and happy poems. Free Verse is another technique for writing poetry. If you write in Free Verse it means that you don’t have to make your poems rhyme instead think about the rhythm of the poem is it easy to read aloud? The words should flow and not make you stumble.
I used my imagination to write my poems because poems need be written by you if you write someone else’s poems then it won’t be considered as yours and it won’t have your true feeling written in them. You need to make your poems your own and the best way to write them is by listening to your heart. Poems are not easy to write and I agree with the statement because to be honest it takes you days to even think about what genre poem you want to write in but it might be helpful to write a poem according to your mood if you’re feeling sad you can pour out all you emotions in your poem which you can organize later on. As soon as you get an idea for a poem you need to write it down otherwise your muse will go away.
There were a lot of challenges that I faced while doing the Personal Project. One of the biggest ones was probably procrastination. Since I like doing things “later” it affects me in a lot of ways even in the way that you can call stress but I always end up doing whatever needs to be completed. There were also challenges such as writing in the Process Journal I don’t usually write in journals or diaries so it was difficult to keep on updating it since I’m not used to it. There were also some challenges for printing the work it is really difficult to print a hard cover of the book because it costs a lot of money. Even though there are a lot of challenges that you have to face while doing the Personal Project always remember that you’re not alone your family, friends, teachers and supervisors will help you. I don’t really get a lot of help but even though there are some problems with that I’m still glad that they help in some sort of way.
Overall I think my product turned out good I have always loved writing poems and now I have been given a chance to let other people see them and read them. I also published it into a booklet. I think Personal Project is great ways to educate yourself in a different ways for example express yourself in a ways that you have never experienced before or even teach kids how to write poetry. Do not procrastinate as it leads to serious consequences that are not easy to deal with. Personal Project might seem kind of difficult but in the end all your hard work will pay off. I think the hardest part of a personal project is actually having the motivation but once you get started you’ll end up having a lot done.

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