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Personal-Business Assessment and Reflection PaperAbstractThis paper is an examination of my personal learning style and the perceptions in my environment that helps to mold the foundation of my character. The learning style assessment is an important factor in understanding my strengths and weakness in order to achieve success as an adult student. By reflecting on the attributes that contribute to my learning style, I am able to build a stronger future as I pursue my degree, and other goals. While the focus of this paper is on my learning style, which is auditory, the underline analysis is how my learning style has a major impact on my character, and the way other people perceive me.Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves. They understand their strengths and weakness, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. By understanding my personal learning style, and my behavioral patterns, I can live with less stress in my environment. By living with less stress I can be more productive within my learning team, and will be able to acquire a successful learning style for life.My learning style is visual. Growing-up I enjoyed reading books with illustrations, and going to the local museums. My favorite school subject was "show and tell." As a visual learner I create vivid pictures in my minds eye. In my imagination, I have traveled to every corner of the earth. Through my love for art and multi-media, photography became my hobby. I remember what I have read and learned by taking a mental snapshot in my mind, similar to taking a photograph.My visual sense of learning style is seen in many aspects of my life. Growing up I can recall a few of my teachers helping me to develop my eye for style. My teachers understood the way to focus my interest in a subject. As I reflect on taking drama classes, it was the costumes as well as the acting that kept my attention. The stage was the best place to learn and appreciate Shakespeare. After attending the play "Othello" I understood the intrinsic details of the plot, and each characters main motivation.I retain information better in a group setting. By taking part in a group, I can ask questions and compare other group members' perspectives to my own perspectives. The question and answer sessions adds certainty to my memory, enabling me to recall the subject matter with more confidence and ease.Knowing my learning style also taps into understanding my social...

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