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Personal Reflection Paper

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I was watching out my window as I saw something fly by quickly. Being a curious kid, I had to find out what this fast amazing thing was so next time I saw it I was going to get a good look at it when it went my again. When my grandpa came in the room he asked me “what I was looking at” when I told him “I saw something amazing go by” and he stood there with me waiting for this amazing thing so he could also see what it was. My Grandpa and I waited there and waited and waited then, in a flash it went by again and it looked like something familiar and then my grandpa spoke “looks like a bike to me,” and to me the people on the bikes looked very familiar they looked like the older kids who lived across the street from me. Since it looked amazing and I was still a kid I said “I want one now”.
Not knowing what I was getting myself into my grandpa went into the shed. About a minute later he came out with a bike I had totally forgot about when I got it on my birthday the previous year. I was so excited I ran outside forgetting my shoes so I had to go back and put them on but once I was outside I couldn't wait to start. I put a helmet on and then jump on the bike, I was walking it up my driving way about half way then I got on and just rode it the rest of the way. Finally, when I made it to the top of the driveway my grandpa was standing there and he asked me “how was it”? I replied with “it was really fun and a lot easier than I thought it would be. Then my grandpa laughed and said “of course its easy there are training wheels on”. Then I asked him “well can we take the training wheels off”? When he said “ well its going to be much more difficult to ride without the training wheels”. But I couldn't say no I was determined to ride a bike without training wheels so I could be as cool as those kids I first saw. Then he went to get a wrench and took the training wheels off of my bike.
As the bike layed there I picked it up and tryed to jump on it as if it still had the training wheels on it and I fell and I forgot the training wheels were what kept me up.So my grandpa told me” the only way I was going to stay up and keep moving is if I had speed and balance”. So I remembered that as I tried to get on my bike for the second time I went about two inches a “boom” I fell again this time it hurt but I was determined to keep going. I just kept going and kept on falling but I couldn't stop I had a goal and I needed to keep going and actually ride a bike.After a few more falls I just couldn't do it anymore and I had given up on it and went back inside. The next day I was watching the television when my grandpa came down stairs and asked me “how far I was on riding the bike without training wheels was going” and I said “i've given up and im done with this I just can't do it Grandpa”. The he just said “okay” and walked away. This made me being confused because usually he says tries to convince me to keep going and if he wasn't saying anything then he must've been...

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