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Personal Reflection Regarding The Light In Oneself By Jiddu Krushnamarti

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The Readings from “The Light In Oneself” forced me to go through a lot of the original reading we had in “To Be Human”. This reading answered some questions that were left over from the first book but also introduced some interesting potential ideas and problems. I had to go back to the first book and then return to the second book to see how things tied together in the bigger picture. The current reading was obvious after the third chapter that we had to go through the trials of our original reading to get the foundation of what Krishnamurti is trying to demonstrate. This did help tie some ideas from the first book together and offer a more advanced view of mediation rather than what ...view middle of the document...

This is profound to me in that mediation in its purest form is simple and not something I have to make time for in a special room on a special day. Rather as I learned it is something that comes naturally if you allow yourself to quiet your mind and just be observing the now. Your sphere of influence also grows through the proper mediation as you become more aware of things not only outside but also inside of yourself. The easiest thing I found was the fact I have been able to start hearing more things going on around me but at the same time I have also been able to hear myself. At first it was all the thoughts I was having and now I am able to hear between thoughts and even started working on moving beyond the thoughts and go closer to source of thought. This is been a very unique experience as there are times I begin to loose myself in the peace I start to experience and the quietness begs me to remain thee a little longer. Not to say that I ignore the outside world but more it is a way to for myself to begin on the very work I had hoped to start when class had started. I am excited for the new prospects I am seeing but apprehensive as well as I am now being forced to work on things that have until now been buried for whatever reason. This has brought the pain and the anger up to the surface at times but with continued work I believe that this too will start to fade.
The idea of being centered and how it does not help me is also something that has started me looking at how I define who I am. The idea sounds great until you being to understand that being...

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