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Personal Reflective Piece Why I Don't Drink Alcohol (Not Their Real Names Used To Protect Their True Identity)

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It was a clear morning, too early for the birds to be awake, and the party was winding down. It was the dawn of a new year, of a new millennium. Empty bottles and cans were scattered all over the dining room, and all throughout the swimming pool area. Spirits were high, except in the Sambuca bottles that lay empty on the table. The party had been a long one, longer still because it was a very special occasion. It looked exactly like the opening scene to a TAC advertisement, however back then I didn't really care about that, I was having a good time.I was surrounded by people older than me, all of them the legal drinking and driving age. I was fourteen and I respected my parent's wishes and only drank the obligatory glass of celebratory Champagne when the hour came. One of the young men, for the sake of his privacy I will call him David, was an aspiring footballer. He played Australian Rules football for his local team, and was this year selected to play for one of the leading VFL teams. His best friend, John, played with David in the local team, however had just missed out on selection.At the conclusion of the party, John told David that he was going to drive because he thought that David had drunk too much, and as he staggered out the door I can remember myself thinking that they should just take a taxi... maybe if I said something at the time nothing would have happened. David walked, with about the same amount of grace as John down to the front nature-strip as John bought the car around from down the road. I was still inside when it ensued...I assumed the screech of tires was just some drunken idiot playing around with his car; hell these guys loved doing burnouts, even when they weren't drunk. The thud wasn't all that loud, however the car alarm was. The three sounds clicked, and I, being one of the only non-drunk individuals there, raced the front of the house and was outside first. The sight that assaulted my eyes shocked me. The Holden V8 Commodore Ute was up on the kerb, the front dented in a shape of the street light pole. The bulb was still, unbelievably, hanging hazardously from the mangled structure. I think my first thoughts were, 'better make sure no-one walks under that!' However, then I saw the body...John was still in the car, surprisingly unconscious from the light accident, however I didn't have anytime to look at him because David was lying, unmoving, on the road's edge, the black rubber abrasions broke across the road, running straight over his lower torso. I started to go into what the paramedics called shock. I froze... the worst thing I could do. I tried to remember the CPR techniques that I had ironically learnt earlier that year; however I think I failed nearly all of them. I knelt beside the unmoving body and tried to find a pulse, I was shocking at this, and I couldn't even find my own if I tried, however the panic and severity of the moment seemed to help me find the right spot, and I realised he...

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