Personal Response To Literature Passage From "Wild Geese", Responding To Jude's Need To Escape.

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Minor Assignment: Personal Response to LiteraturePassage from, Wild GeeseIn the passage from Wild Geese, two ideas convey to me about Jude's need to escape. The first idea is that Jude feels smothered by her daily surroundings, and second is that Jude is living two separate lives.Jude's farm life and family ultimately suffocate her. Jude's father, Caleb is controlling and overbearing. Caleb is constantly seeking control over Judith by pushing farm work over her head. If that is not enough for Jude, her mother, Amelia and her older sister, Ellen, are both submissive to their father's controlling demands. These family factors lead Jude to feel trapped and in need of freedom. Jude escapes this feeling of suffocation by spending time alone near a little ravine. She there, sheds her clothes and lays freely on the ground. The shedding of her clothes conveys the idea that she is taking off her daily life, metaphorically speaking, and being free from it all. Her clothes are worn on the farm for chores and labour, so she frees herself from that aspect of her life. The Ravine and Jude's nakedness gives her a feeling of escape. The fact that Jude is lying naked on the ground shows how much she longs to escape her life and be free from everything that is real. The Ravine where Jude escapes to interprets her opposite world, aside from her real life. This 'opposite world' signifies her separate life.Jude's first life is one in which she works on the farm with Caleb, Amelia, and Ellen. She is pushed to work hard on the farm, which is clearly something she is not fond of. In this life, Jude feels ugly and she feels the ugliness of her surroundings. Jude feels her hands are big and calloused from her work and she wants to be someone she is not, as well as live a...

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