Personal Responsibility: An Analysis Of Obesity In American Adults

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Being obese seems to be a growing epidemic in the United States. It is not, just a problem with appearance and social life. Each person is accountable for its own health, control its own eating habits and the time devoted to exercising. Can we all be responsible to the decisions of a group of people? The answer, that shared by several is probably not. Nevertheless, in the last few years, this medical condition that increases the likelihood of a range of diseases in which excess body fat has accumulated to the point that it may have an unfavorable effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and increase health problems (Wikipedia, par.2). Obesity-related diseases are common these days, for each person there are significant risks of exceeding their own limits. It is difficult knowing that there is a person that can endanger their health, but continue with the same bad habits that can cause permanent damage. Obesity is becoming a problem that slowly gets out of hand, but little is being done to counter its growth. Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. Also, their symptoms are complex and specific to each person. Finally, society should not accept obesity as a disability. Therefore, obesity it is a growing food dependency problem that must be prevents and fights rather than consider a life style. Pino 2 First, obesity is to become widespread outbreak and its true magnitude can affect a large part of the American population. Feeding have become a problem affecting today's population is not an isolated issue that can be solved only with therapy, or soft treatments. The eating habits of a consumer society, lack of time to prepare balanced and healthy group of choices for the family, genetics, and physical inactivity are among the elements that contribute to obesity in the families of the United States. Approximately 97 million adults are either overweight or obese (O’Donnell, par.1). In recent years, obesity rates continue to grow in the United States, not just overweight, socialization difficulties, but it is a society that is developing a new medical condition. However, a worrying number of overweight Americans living with this abnormal condition does nothing to fix their obstacle, satisfies with light diets, and few minutes a day of exercise. ''While the number of obese adults has doubled since the 1980s, extremely obese adults has quadrupled, currently affecting one in every 50 adults, an estimated 300,000 people in the United States die annually from obesity-related diseases'' (O’Donnell, par.4). Unfortunately, years ago obesity were not an overwhelming problem in proportion, as now, each person has to prevent the number of calories to consume a day to be in the healthy average. Across the country, obesity is an epidemic that affects the quality of life, because unbalanced diets cause our body’s improper nutrition and deficient the essential vitamins and minerals our...

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