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Personal Responsibility And College Studies Essay

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Personal responsibility what it means to me in my college education. Without responsibility, I will not be successful in college. What personal responsibility means to me is setting goals that are measurable and taking the time to keep up on my goals that I set for myself. Personal responsibility for me is not being lazy and learning how to manage my time efficiently. Being responsible for my own finances, Like keeping a roof over my head going back to college to finish my degree, so I'm able to compete to get that better job or promotion at work not sticking to my goals I set myself up for failure. Setting goals that are too big or having too many goals to complete is not good, learning ...view middle of the document...

It has not been easy managing time to get class work done when you have a full time job and family responsibilities. I do not have a family, but I do have to manage my time.
I started college after high school only completed one year I had to leave college to work full time; I was young and still learning how to manage my time, working two jobs I was not able to continue with college. When the economy got bad a few years ago, and I lost my job I decided it would be a good idea to go back to college and get my Associates Degree. I figured I would have a better chance at securing a better job. I finished my Associates Degree and decided to go for my Bachelor’s Degree I have learned to manage my time better getting my assignments submitted on time while still looking for a full time job. I was in two car accidents one in February 2012, and the second was in May 2013, the stress of to dealing with the lawyers and doctors have tested my ability to manage my time while still going to school and looking for a job I still struggling every day to make ends meet I’m still not...

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