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Personal Responsibility And College Success Essay

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Even though main argumentations against personal responsibility include the fact that many “people are just naturally unable to take responsibility, there are too many arguments for personal responsibility that they just outweigh it.” ("What Are The Main Arguments Against Personal Responsibility?", n.d.). Personal responsibility is a choice that you have to make. Taking personal responsibility for something gives you something to measure up to. “Personal responsibility is the key to college success,” (Houston, 2011) but “most students find themselves falling short of what lies between these two.” (Houston, 2011) If you want to be successful in college, your personal responsibility goals should include a preliminary plan that you will practice in your education. When it all comes down to it, personal responsibility is being held accountable for the choices and decisions you make in life. This also includes accommodating the significances of the results of what you do. (Swarmer, 2012)

Personal responsibility means different things for different people. When talking about this term, you’re using personal responsibility as a yardstick to measure up to what you want to accomplish in life. Usually personal responsibility starts off with a task, a want or a desire. Sometimes you take care of these duties on your own, or you might work them out in a group. If you’re a good person, you take personal responsibility seriously. When you make a mistake or do something wrong, if your morals are in check, you take responsibility for the choices that you make. You critique yourself and make things right when something goes wrong. Choices like this involve valor and poise. (R.M.R. Jr, n.d.)

The relationship between personal responsibility and college success is that they are the same. You can’t have one without the other. One holds the keys to the others ones success, but you’ll find that most students don’t think that way. (Houston, 2011) It all starts off by being honest with yourself. (Ellis, 2010, pg. 25) Being honest goes so far as to admitting things to yourself when you do something that is wrong. You don’t feel sorry for wrong things, nor do you promise that you’ll never do it again. You just admit a wrong when fault occurs. (Thieme Jr., 1995) Every day should include some sort study from a teacher that will make you into a better person. Some people use the bible while others learn from self-help gurus. If you want to become a straight A student, you need to set a goal and write it down. This will help you do well in school. If you don’t do well in college, it will affect you. Several bad things can happen to you. They include you won’t get a good paying job, or you won’t advance in your career. It all comes down to this; being responsible and doing well in school will make you happy. College success is impossible without personal...

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