Personal Space Essay

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Personal Space

My project is about personal space. It is about finding out why people
tend to have their own personal space. Personal space is the region
surrounding a person. Each individual has their own personal space.
Distance from strangers varies than distance from families and
relatives. Method used will be participant observation which is a
qualitative method. It is one of the most popular and widely used
research methods. The main advantages of participant observation is
that it allows you to have an insight on how the individuals of a
society perform and the ways in which they think and why.

I chose to investigate into this area because this topic is quite of a
challenge. The main advantages of participant observation are that it
allows the anthropologists to obtain a deeper and more experienced
insight on the activities that the individuals of a society perform
and the ways in which they think and that it also allows the
anthropologists to gain a good overview of how and why a society
functions. The disadvantages of participant observation are that it is
sometimes unwelcome by the society being studied, as they often feel
disturbed and that the anthropologist is invading their privacy. It is
also often difficult for the ethnographer to go native, and, even when
he does; problems arise as he may begin to lose objectivity after
becoming too much a part of that society. The problems that can arise
due to Participant observation include:

· Gender - certain genders are more welcome than others into different
societies. Women can be seen as inferior/ be threatening to men/ can’t
integrate w/ men.
· Ethnicity- ethnographers could be kept at a distance because of
their ethnicity, or may find it hard to always be culturally relative.
· Culture shock- on the part of the ethnographer
· Expense- on the part of the ethnographer
· Interpretation- some things can be interpreted very differently from
culture to culture

Problems of society include:
The people being studied often feel disturbed, distracted or that
their privacy is being invaded when they are being studied by a
stranger, who can often seem to be uninvited studying their every

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