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Personal Space Essay

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“Personal space is a region of defended space surrounding someone. Trends of personal-space utilization might differ across human societies. Personal space varies from other kinds of defended space by being an encompassing bubble, which progresses with the person” (Psychology Dictionary). Defining an individual’s personal space can be difficult for because this boundary is often different between countries, environments and societal upbringings. An individual space may be different from person to a person or person of another culture. However, this often becomes apparent when they meet someone from another society or environment. How close is to close? What boundaries are broken when you ...view middle of the document...

Now, that I have relocated to the North this personal space has reduced and the apprehensive feeling once experienced before has become less uncomfortable.
Furthermore, other cultures that display a small personal space boundary would be a person from an Asian culture. The expression believed to occur because, they live in very close contact with one another and their personal space is more confined. They will typically invade an American's personal space, because their personal space is much closer than the average American perception. However, there are environments in the U.S. that present similar societal dynamics as Asian cultures.
“The Chinese personal space is perceived different therefore; the level of discomfort is different too (Personal Space in China)”. Their population density has a great effect on what individual space means to people there. In China, living space is close and sometimes-entire generations of families live together in the same one room. (Personal Space in China) These types of living conditions are not exclusive to China, but also other Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and various tribal regions (Personal Space in China). When Americans communicated with the Asian culture, often the Asian culture will invade the common personal boundary of the American and you might find that if you take a step back, they will take a step closer to you. Conceivably differences in the theory of personal space also have to do with socialist impact based on the collective versus individual. (Personal Space in China) In Asia there is a collective and often family approach to doing things, while in the US, there is a highly promoted individualistic culture. (Personal Space in China)
However, the Middle Eastern cultures are similar to the Asian culture but there are some significant differences. These cultures is a very traditional religious group and have close personal space with the same sex, but greater personal space with the opposite sex, ensuring that intimate contact is avoided at all times. Men from these countries will commonly...

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